OKAY. So, How in The World Did I Meet Martin Garrix in Taipei???

I’m not saying I’m a stalker, but I’m kind of a stalker. 

Before I go ahead and tell you the story of how I met the love of my life (don’t fight with me on this), I’m gonna give you an idea of much of a psychotic fan I am. So, here’s a little trip down memory lane.


****WARNING! You are about to witness some borderline psychotic shit! 



It all started when I was just a freshman in college. One night, I was doing what college freshmen do best, getting wasted AF. It was on a Thursday night, and we had a thing we called “Happy Thursday”. It was when all the students from the the colleges and universities nearby hit the bars literally right beside one uni to challenge the legal alcohol limit simply because there weren’t any classes the next day. Aaahh, education.

Anyways, in that one particular night, I just remember being really, really drunk and everyone around me just passed the fuck out. It was only around 23:00 and the party was basically over. Mind you, I wasn’t one of those responsible types who’d go home when they knew they’ve had too much. I’m was more of a “let’s rob a Jollibee!” kind of chick. Not proud, but damn it, it’s the truth. So, I grabbed my school bag, got a taxi, and headed to the then clubbing strip of Manila.

When I got off the taxi, the first thing I noticed was a really long line at this one club called Privé. I went on over there to check what all the fuss was about. I bumped into some people I knew who let me know that Martin Garrix was going to spin. And I was like, “Martin who??”. And they said, “Si ano, si Animals (his track that blew up and really put him on the scene)”. We all know that that track is **sick **and they also let me know that he’s really cute, and that was enough to get myself to pay a PHP 1,000 entrance fee to watch the show. So, i get my drunk ass in the club, squeezed my way to the very front (which I wouldn’t have had the courage to do if I wasn’t so intoxicated), and waited for the show to start.

Just moments later, they dimmed the lights and it was showtime. The lazer lights went wild and the crowd roared. I kept it cool because i was just trying to see if this guy was really cute. I looked up and saw a guy and said to myself that “hmmm, yeah, he’s pretty cute”. But theeen, I took one step back and realized that I was just too short to see the DJ and I was just looking at one of the members of his crew. So, when I finally saw him, I was like, “DAAAMN, Papiiii! HE REAL CUTE!”It was fangirl at first sight. I remember thinking to myself that if Narnia has a Prince slash DJ, he would definitely look like him. I basically spent the whole show on my toes and my arms extended towards him so that he would touch my hand. Which he did, by the way! Thrice on my right hand and once on my left!!! #achievementunlocked #neverforget



After his set, I went over to the entrance of the DJ booth to say hi. I shouted “Hi, Martijn!!!”. He just awkwardly smiled and waved at me. He was probably thinking “who the fuck is this ugly chick with orange hair in house clothes???”. I am 99.8% positive his thoughts were somewhere along those lines. No regrets!



The following year, he had a much bigger show in Manila’s #1 club. I was lucky enough to get a free ticket and to be listed under the cocktail table at the very front and right in the middle. And of course, in true fangirl fashion, I was prepared with a sign.



It was around December and I wanted my Christmas present early *wink wink*. I pretty much spent the whole time with my sign up trying to get him to notice me, even after he’s already noticed me. He made a cutesy little heart symbol with his hands and pointed towards me. I had a mini heart attack and started annoying my friend Pam with the classic “DID YOU SEE THAT??? DID YOU SEE THAT!?!?”. And she was just like, “Yaaaas girl, he noticed you. No one can deny.” (More like, Okaaay, B. You can shut the fuck up now). He pointed towards me once or twice more for the rest of the show and that was definitely enough to end my year right! #hoehoehoe #merrychristmas



****This is where it gets a liiiittle psychotic**

The game plan was clear. Stay sober, look cute, prepare a sign, and fight my way to the very front once his set was about to begin. And it was exactly what I did.

Once I reached the front, some really tall French guy, probably a guardian angel sent by the fangirl gods, randomly asked me if I would like to be carried by him on his shoulders once Martijn came out. He probably felt bad for my lack of length and inability to be seen by the #1 DJ in the World no matter how long I put my sign up. Being five foot nothing, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. So, once they hit the music and hit the lights, I climbed my way up to the Eiffel Tower and there was my baby!

Martijn’s birthday was just a day or two prior to the show, so I couldn’t miss my chance to greet him. It didn’t take him long at al for him to notice me and my sign. He put his his hands on his lips and sent a kiss my way! And he even mentioned the birthday greeting on his Instagram!!! #achievementunlocked #telleveryone



If you ask everyone I know how I told them how the concert went for me, it would be everything stated above. Buuuut, there’s a little more to the story. What you’re about to learn next is only know by a handful of my favorite people.

Martijn’s set was coming to an end and the inner fanatic beast in me came alive. Like, really, really alive. As he played his last song, a crazy idea just popped in my head like ~LIGHTBULB~! I thought to myself, “So, if I pretend to faint now, the bouncers will carry me over the barrier and I will have the most fantastic view of my bebeluv”. Yeah, don’t really know where the fuck that came from either.

So, pretty much like everything else I do, without giving it much thought, if not at all, I just did it. I then grabbed my friend’s shoulder for her to look at me and I dramatically pretended to faint just like Snow White did when she took a bite of that poison apple. I’m quite an amazing actress, actually. Which pretty much explains why I spent half of my high school life in the clinic and why I always happened to have my period every week when we had swimming for gym class. What I’m trying to say is, they believed that shit.

With my eyes partially closed and my head going “What the fuck are you doing?”, my friends were in a HUUUGE panic. All i heard was them shouting at the top of their lungs “KUYA!!! KUYA!!!”, trying to get the attention of the bouncers for help. I swear to god, I was trying so hard not to laugh my fucking brains out.

Soon enough, the bouncers came and just like I planned it, they carried me over the barrier and right into the middle section of the two VIP crowds where only photographers and bouncers were allowed. Then there were fireworks, explosions, and confetti everywhere and I had the most perfect view of my baby basking in his glory. And I just thought to myself, “Great job, crazy bitch”.

And in a fraction of a second, the music was gone and the lights went off and the show was over. I then realized that i was supposed to be unconscious and my show isn’t over yet! *Snow White takes second bite off the apple*. There were a couple of bouncers around me at this point and they were all trying to move the barrier for me. Once moved, one bouncer carried me princess style (because how else are you supposed to carry a princess?) and rushed through the big crowd to bring me to the first aid booth. While going through the crowd, I can hear random people shout “Bianca?!?! Is that Bianca?!?!” “BIANCA!!!”. And again, I was just trying so hard not to laugh. The rest is history.



Music Festival was cancelled a month prior to the show due to “the changes in political climate”. In other words, Thanks a lot, Duterte!


2017 (The Meeting).

Here we go, here we go! About a month prior to my Taiwan trip, my friend, Keich, found out that Martijn was going to be in Taipei the same time as us. Coincidence?!? NAAAAAAAH.

On the first day that Keich and I spent together, we went to a handful of places far away from the city. By 18:00, we were extremely exhausted and didn’t have the energy to do anything but chill at our hostel’s lounge. While scrolling through Instagram, I came across a selfie that Martijn posted with a bunch of fans welcoming him to Taiwan in the comment section. FAN GIRL MODE: ON. I jumped off the couch and said, “KEICH. MARTIN GARRIX IS HERE. LET’S GO!”. She stood up right away because she knew I would do the same for her if we were in the same city as Kygo.

I messaged every fan who was welcoming him to Taiwan and I sent every single one of them a message asking if they might happen to know what hotel he was staying at. Most of them did not know but a lot of them just guessed for me. Keich and I rushed to the MRT station feeling more alive than ever, as if we didn’t have such a long day. We then rushed to the W Hotel where a few people suggested me to have a look since a lot of celebrities stayed there. We got in the lobby and waited a bit. THANK THE HEAVENS they had free wi-fi because I then received this message from yet another guardian angel from the fangirl gods on Instagram:



“KEICH! LET’S GO!!!!!!!!” We rushed over to the Gran Hyatt, which was just a few meters from Taipei 101. We had absolutely no idea where he was or if we were even going to see him. We were just thinking that if it’s dinner time right now, he would probably go out right after to see more of the city. Orrr, if he was having dinner outside the hotel, then of course at one point he’d have to go back to his room.

So, we waited for HOURS. By the third hour, we noticed different DJ’s walk in one by one with wristbands from the music festival. My heart was beating faster and faster. The next thing we knew was that the hotel lobby was empty and it was already past midnight. A young boy and his mom sat at the same sitting area as us and then I heard the words “Martin Garrix” in their conversation. I asked them if they were waiting for someone because I was guessing that we were all waiting for the same person. Damn, these two were so freakin’ cool. The kid is fourteen years old and is #ballin, selling Yeezy’s online. And his mom.. Well, his mom is waiting with him at midnight to have a photo with his favorite DJ. Ummmmm, can anyone say MOM GOALS!?!

Since we were all having such a great conversation, my eyes weren’t pinned at the entrance of the hotel anymore. I glanced behind me for a second AND HOMYGAAAHAAD I CANNAAAT WITH YOUUU!!!!! IT’S FUCKING MARTIN FUCKING GARRIX IN THE FUCKING HOTEL LOBBY ASDFGHJKL;’SFHDKFHD3487fgwbfd!!!!!!!**

I wasted NO TIME. In a blink of an eye, I found myself rushing towards him and saying “Martijn! I’m your biggest fan from the Philippines!”. One of his bodyguards was very quick to stop me and he blocked me with his arm. Martijn then blocked his bodyguard with his arm and said “No, it’s okay.” (HOMAGAAAAAHD!!!)

He looks over at me and says, “Really? Give me a hug!”. And then we hugged. (HOMAAAHGAAAAHD!!!!)

See, I really wish that I could all tell you how the whole meeting played out, but I just DON’T REMEMBER SHIT after that hug. I don’t remember Keich having a photo with him. I don’t remember the teenage boy having a photo with him. I don’t remember saying goodbye. And I don’t even remember leaving the hotel. SHIT WAS INSANE.

According to Keich, he hugged me four times and gave me a kiss on the cheek. The kiss, I kind of do remember it happening. I remember it like getting punched in the face right after I just blacked out by getting punched in the face. And I am soooo lucky for having such a supportive friend who remembered to take a video of me towards the end of our meeting!!! Check it out:


(HAHAHAHAHAHA I’m too new for this shit to embed a video, so here’s the link, mofos!)

So, they didn’t allow to give him a pretend kiss on the cheek, so, HE GAVE ME A REAL ONE INSTEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Martijn was much taller than I thought he would be and he is sooooooo much more good looking in person. It was literally a dream come true and was probably one of the best birthday gifts given to me by the universe! THANK YOU, UNIVERSE!!!!!




Or is it? 😉

Author: Bianca Garcia Cruz

I’m a 5 foot, twenty-one year old former fashion student from the Philippines who currently has absolutely no idea what she’s doing with her life. But besides that, I’m a struggling vegan, triggered feminist, self-proclaimed environmentalist, Facebook social justice warrior, and everything else you find annoying.

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