I Asked the T’s in LGBTQ What They Would Like To Be Called or Referred to as

When I was getting data for my article on 15 Filipinas On Why They Need Birth Control, The Contraceptive Ban And Why It’s Stupid, an issue came up as a friend asked me “Are transgender women considered as women?” since I was asking everyone on Facebook who was on birth control, including trans women to message me. Based on my personal experience in years in fashion school and being surrounded by different, colorful human beings, I had an idea that they all had their own personal preference on what they would like to be called or referred to as. But of course, answering this on my own would be like a straight male telling a pregnant woman that pregnancy is not the bad. I know that you know what I mean *rolls eyes*. So, I took the initiative to ask some trans women myself on what they want to be called or referred to as.

If you have different opinions or anything you’d like to add, by all means, let’s start a conversation by leaving a comment below! 😘 I really do believe that communication is key when it comes to progress. I hope you learn a thing or two from these lovely ladies’ answers! Much love, happy pride! 🌈




I Asked the T’s in LGBTQ What They Would Like To Be Called or Referred to as:


“My name is Hylie Rosabelle and I am a Transgender Woman. I like to be called Trans, Transgender, Trans Woman, or simply a woman. A lot of girls have a problem being called Trans, but not me. I am proud of my labels. I’d like to be referred to as she/her anything that is associated with a female, all the time. Still to this day, a lot of people associate me with being just gay especially in the Philippines. Sometimes it just annoys me and I brush it off my shoulders, but it’s just too much sometimes that it pisses me off. Because by calling me gay, you’re not acknowledging the fact that I am a woman. I hate being called the wrong label. Sadly, society needs labels in order to move forward. So what you can do is at least give me the correct label.”



“I simply want to be called a woman as I wanna be treated like real woman. Of course being called “sir” when I’m wearing a women’s clothing annoys the fuck out of me. Then, some people pass by me on street and have the nerve to “whisper” to their friends, “is that a girl or a boy??” I mean, you can wait until I’m farther away because your whispering is useless and why not just ask me personally?? ugh, haha.”



“I wanna be called “beks” (Shorter version of the word “becky”, which is Filipino gay lingo for the word “gay”). I am confident about who and what I am. Just don’t call me “bakla” (formal version of “becky”) or gay in a rude, offensive, or condescending way. But if we are close friends or best friends, then of course you can call me “bakla” hahaha!
One time when I was in a fast food restaurant, the cashier got all tongue tied not knowing what to call me. She called me “ma’am” (since I don’t have a long hair but I was wearing full face makeup). I told her that she can call me “sir” as well. I am actually okay if I get called “ma’am” or “sir”, whatever makes the person I am talking to comfortable! I think the only thing that will really annoy me is if a person who I am not close to calls me “bakla” or is doing so to be homophobic and offensive. So as of now, the only think that will offend me is if you call me “baklang bakulaw” (gay gorilla) that just implies that I am ugly hahaha!”




“I want to be called a Woman/Transwoman/Transfinancial (A rich man trapped in a poor man’s body) HAHAHA! But when it comes to the he or she dilemma, I would really love and prefer to be called SHE. It’s really infuriating when someone strips you off of your gender identity. Although it doesn’t happen to me very often, I know a few of my friends who happen to be trans and is still being referred to as HE or GAY. There’s a big difference right there. These people did not grow their hair out, made an effort to dress up according to their gender identity or expression, and spend money on HRT (hormone replacement therapy) just so you could deprive them of their identity. I hate how there are still people who feel privileged to deny someone of something.”

– Estella



“I want to be called a woman, transwoman, or tranella (gay lingo for “transgender Cinderella” because I’m the most beautiful princess. Obvious, right???), but call me tranella only if we’re close friends OR I know that you mean no harm. I know some people choose to be or are just plain ignorant so I don’t mind it all too much. But, just because I don’t mind it, doesn’t mean that others won’t find it offensive. I hate being introduced to my female friend’s boyfriends or male friends and they call me “BRO”. Even refusing to just call me by my name! Literally, “BRO”. Nakakaloka! (makes me go crazy!). Like, hello??? My lipstick is thicker than your girlfriend’s and I’m in a dress and heels and you’re gonna call me BRO??… seriously? Bro your face! HAHA sorry it’s just so nakakainis (irritating)!!!”



“I want to be called a woman but being called trans is also okay. But of course, I would prefer to be referred to as “she” or her”. Someone calling me “bakla” or “sir” is just annoying. So annoying.”



“A year ago, I was refused to enter the female pay bathroom in an Ayala Mall because I’m transgender. Call me what you want, a woman, trans woman, trans person, but I will always want to be called HER or SHE because I know deep in my heart that I am a woman. My eyelids were glittering gold and my false lashes were so big that I can’t even understand how they would think that i would make a girl feel uncomfortable by making “manyak” (being perverted) in the bathroom. Reality check, I like dick. And even if there was dick all around me in the men’s bathroom, I wont touch anyone. The stigma of thinking that trans women are perverts really need to stop.”



“I want to be called a woman, but trans is also okay. I am what I am and I am not ashamed. But I just wish people knew that calling a trans woman “he” or “him” is very ignorant and offensive. It shows close mindedness and from my point of view, homophobia. I absolutely hate it when homophobic guys pass by me and laugh with their friends to make sure that I hear them mocking me. I am still a person who has feeling and I hope people can just learn to be a little more sensitive.”



“I don’t mind being called trans gender, trans, or trans woman at all because that’s simply what I am. But of course, I love being called a woman! I get this really good feeling that the person who called me that just gets it. And a lot of other people just DON’T GET IT. I still get called “sir” a lot even though I wear make up and dresses everyday, including my beautiful long hair. Oh my god, sooo stressful, girl! But, I am sure that they are just scared little homophobic boys who are scared and think that I will just jump on them. Like, wow? You’re so handsome? HAHAHA. But seriously, just please respect my transition and the community, because we are not doing all of this, which includes a lot of effort btw, just to be called a man.”



Author: Bianca Garcia Cruz

I’m a 5 foot, twenty-one year old former fashion student from the Philippines who currently has absolutely no idea what she’s doing with her life. But besides that, I’m a struggling vegan, triggered feminist, self-proclaimed environmentalist, Facebook social justice warrior, and everything else you find annoying.

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