My 10 Commandments for Bomb Ass Lashes



Oh, eyelashes! The curtains to the windows to our souls. The proof that we are angels and the gods did not forget to give us wings. The things that make our eye rolls look glamorous when we are so done with people’s shit. And just like a lot of things in life, we just want em longer and thicker. Like, books? (Yeah, books. Sure.). It’s really simple. If you want longer, thicker, healthier lashes, then you have to give them the attention that they deserve and make sure that they are well pampered and are in tip-top shape!

So, these are my personal 10 commandments for longer, thicker, and healthier lashes!

1) Thou shall purchase Castor Oil for thy lashes

Alright, we aaaall know this one. What I’m worried about is that there are a lot of people I know that know that Castor oil works and still haven’t purchased it. Castor oil is basically the whey protein shake + steroids for your lashes. It helps your lashes in it’s growth and thickness, and helps them recover from a whole day of wearing heavy mascara. So you, yes you! I know you’ve passed by a beauty shop somewhere and told yourself that you’d buy it another time. Na-ahh, buy it now!

Alternatives: Coconut oil, Olive Oil, and Sunflower seed oil.

2) Thou shall use what mascara works best for you.

Aaaawww, boohoo! So, Too Faced’s “Better Than Sex” mascara isn’t better than sex for you (don’t worry, it never was)? Well, it probably won’t work for *insert accurate statistics here* of people as well. Just because one product will work miracles for your friend, doesn’t mean that it will do the same for you. It’s a simple as this: If you have short but thick lashes, then lengthening mascara is what you need. If you’re just like me, who has long but thin lashes, then volumizing mascara is what you need. And sometimes, your lash needs go even beyond that. For example, my mom. My mom can never use a new bottle of mascara. It just doesn’t work for her. So, I give her my current mascara when it’s reaching the point of almost drying up.. and it works wonders! So, just experiment and do what’s best for you! Wether it’s high end or drugstore, waterproof or not, watery or on the point of drying up, you make the rules.

3) Thou shall use a pure oil makeup remover for your eye makeup.

In this life full of stress, don’t let your lashes feel that mess! Rubbing and rubbing and rubbing off your mascara with your shitty and expensive makeup remover will only loosen your lash follicles, and therefore promote hair fall. Ummm, not fun! Use pure oil that will un-cling your clingy mascara with almost zero effort and it will nourish lashes, too! #winwin

Find out what makeup remover I use HERE!

4) Thou shall replace that broken eyelash curler filler that’s been pulling your lashes off since the beginning of time.

Ladies (and gents!), you know that I know that you know exactly what I am talking about. Those eyelash curler fillers that have a gap as deep as the stairway to hell? GET RID OF IT! Just like yo man that don’t know how to appreciate you, dump that ass in the trash! Aaand, yes, I know, I know. You alwaaays forget to get some when you’re at the mall like I forget that I’m supposed to be skinny by summer (jokes on you, I didn’t say which summer). Okay, honestly, it took me over a year to replace my broken eyelash curler AND eyelash curler filler. My stubborn ass had to leave the country to realize that yes, I do need a new eyelash curler or my eyes are gonna look like Mr. Clean’s head. And take note of this: It’s gonna take 6 months for your lashes to grow back. And we all know damn well that we ain’t got the patience for that.

5) Thou shall curl like a cover girl

If you curl your lashes just by putting your eyelash curler at the very bottom of your lash line and by just simply putting pressure there.. girl, please stop. You’re embarrassing yoself. We are not aiming for an “L-curl”, where you only curl it in one place so your eyelashes just lift up, pointing up straight, therefore looking like the letter “L” when viewed sideways. What we want to see is a “C-curl”. Sooo, this is how the magic is done: Start to curl at the base of your lash line, then slowly make your way up.. curl, curl, curl, curl, until you reach the very tip of your lashes. Then, ta-daaa! The C-curl. 

Bonus: This method of eyelash curling will assist your lashes in staying curled longer.

6) Thou shall put 80% of your mascara at the BASE of your lashes.

This is my ultimate lash secret, so listen up. The mascara application is, like, everything. I LITERALLY take more time applying mascara than applying the make up on my whole face. Sooo, this is how it’s done: I put 5-7 coats at the very bottom of my lashes. Yes, just at the bottom. Just keep sliding that wand from side to side until you build up an almost false eyelash base. This is where you want all your product to go. Once you think your base is thick enough (which is almost never ending for me), then lightly apply mascara around 2-3 times on the whole length of your lashes. But DO NOT put too much on the tips of of your lashes. You just want them tinted and dark, not necessarily thicker with full coverage. This is how your lashes can look wispy and not curl down because of too much weight.

You’re welcome.

7) Thou shall not fall for the evil ritual of eyelash extensions. 

Okay, I can’t tell you how to live your life. But, really, eyelash extensions are the worst! Yes, you may look like a little Kylie Jenner Bratz doll for a few weeks.. up until your lashes, including your OWN natural lashes, fall out one by one and you just look like a crazy person who needs some serious psychiatric help. I’m sorry girl, but I can’t take you seriously when you have hair falling off of your lids and I can’t say anything about it.  Eyelash extensions will ruin the health of your own eyelashes. Unless you have all the time and money like a Valley girl to get them redone and redone until the day you die, then by all means, be my guest.

8) Thou shall massage your eyelids with petroleum jelly.

You know how they tell you to massage your scalp to promote blood circulation to help hair growth? Well, it’s basically the same thing. This will 100% improve the growth of your eyelashes. Since it improves blood flow to the hair follicles, more nutrients reach it. And more nutrients are never a bad thing. But don’t forget to massage them gently!! Again, too much rubbing will loosen up the hair follicles, thus promote hair fall.

Note: Crying and rubbing your eyes the whole night about your miserable life doesn’t count.

9) Thou shall NEVER EVER curl your lashes AFTER mascara.

Okay, if you do this, you are…. crazy. Sorry girl, you cray cray. Who does that??? You are ruining and wasting all the effort on applying  your mascara and you’re also promoting a lot of hair fall by sticking your lashes to your curler and singlehandedly pulling them out. I can’t speak of this any longer, because I can’t even. For the love of all this good, just don’t.

10) Thou shall tightline your upper waterline after mascara application, always.

The magical final step! Get you favorite smudge-proof black or brown eyeliner and tightline that water line, pretty lady! I know that it’s such a small and simple step, but BIBLE, it will go a looooong way! This will make your lashes look almost twice it’s thickness and this ain’t even a joke. My lashes never feel complete without tightlining my upper lash line. So, tightline those lashes, babes!


So, there it is! My 10 Commandments for Bomb Ass Lashes. I hope you enjoyed it and will try them out for yourself! Keep experimenting until you’ve found the perfect care routine and application for you. Good luck! 💋

Do you have any lash secrets that you would like to share with me? Just leave a comment below! I would loooove to try them out.



Bianca ❤️

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Author: Bianca Garcia Cruz

I’m a 5 foot, twenty-one year old former fashion student from the Philippines who currently has absolutely no idea what she’s doing with her life. But besides that, I’m a struggling vegan, triggered feminist, self-proclaimed environmentalist, Facebook social justice warrior, and everything else you find annoying.

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