Having a Penis Doesn’t Require You to Pay the Bill



My friends and I were on our way to our friend’s party already wasted AF. In the car, one of my guy friends drunkenly went on and on about how he read one of my blog posts and how he couldn’t believe how much shit women go through everyday and that he was totally #shookt. He said it opened his eyes, but he also said “BUT, BIANCS! Write something for us guys (naman)!”. And I was like, “I gotchuuuu”. I knew exactly then and there what I would write about next. The good ol’ conversation about who pays the bill on a date. Okay. So, here we go.

So, who pays for dinner?

9. In terms of ordering in a restaurant, saying ’’I invite you’’ means you pay

If a woman invites a business partner to a restaurant, she pays. If someone says, ’Let’s go to a restaurant,’ that means everyone pays for himself/herself; if a man offers to pay for a woman, she can agree.

From The 16 Rules of Modern Etiquette

I see it like this: If someone asks you out on a date, especially the first, then obviously the person who asked the other person should pay. If you invited someone out and you  asked them for their time, I think it’s just proper etiquette to take care of the bill when someone agrees to meet up with you for a proper meal and good conversation upon your request.

“So, after how many dates should you start splitting the bill?”

Ladies, stop asking this question. You want equality, right? then split the bill. If he insists on paying, then why not? I ain’t gonna say “no” to free food, are you? If she insists on paying, then why not? I hope he ain’t gonna say no to free food either (Yes, boys! Getting treated by a girl won’t emasculate you!). But, really, my one and only point is here: HAVING A PENIS DOESN’T REQUIRE YOU TO PAY THE BILL.

You’re welcome.


Author: Bianca Garcia Cruz

I’m a 5 foot, twenty-one year old former fashion student from the Philippines who currently has absolutely no idea what she’s doing with her life. But besides that, I’m a struggling vegan, triggered feminist, self-proclaimed environmentalist, Facebook social justice warrior, and everything else you find annoying.

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