Wild Ones Tattoo & BATAS: My Go-to Shop and Artist Since I was Sixteen

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Way before I was sixteen, tattoos have always caught my interest and my eye. I would stare at people’s tattoos as they pass by and my eyes would constantly grow wide, thinking that it was definitely something I wanted, and I wanted a lot of it. Living in BF, passing by President’s Avenue was a regular thing. Every time I would go cruising down the road (or like, losing my mind in the traffic, having home so close yet so far), I would stare up at a sign put up on the second floor of a building that said “Wild Ones Tattoo”. I would stare at it every time I passed by. “Should I do it? Should I do it? Should I do it?”. Soon enough, I searched them up on Facebook, checked out their work, and once satisfied, I clicked the message button. There I was, scheduling my very first appointment for my very first tattoo.

Pretty much all I remember from the first time that I entered the shop is that it was extremely nerve wrecking. I was greeted by a guy covered up in tattoos up to his neck, in an overlarge plaid polo shirt and cargo shorts that almost reached his ankles. Right away, he asked me if this was going to be my first tattoo. Lol, how could you tell? Was it my shortness of breath? Lack of movement? My nervousness quickly turned into a feeling of calmness and certainty as we discussed the aesthetic of my tattoo while we waited for my artist.

At Wild Ones, up to this day, they don’t just hop on your train and produce the tattoo that you want, how you want it and where you want it. They always make sure to give you their professional opinion and caring suggestions, may it be about the color, placing, or size. They warn you about critical places in your body, wherein your tattoo may get damaged or fade a little too quickly in time. They will also let you know if a font or design is too small and will inform you that it would be difficult to get more details in, or how the ink of small letters of a word will slightly spread in a few years and may possibly reach the point wherein it may be a little difficult to read. From day one, I knew that it was a shop that wasn’t out to get my money. It was a shop that wanted to produce great artwork, artwork that won’t only look good as you left the shop, but artwork that will look good as time passes by.

Five years and sixteen tattoos later, with 15/16 of them done at Wild Ones, I grew closer to my artist, Mark, who treats me like a little sister (but the cool little sister doe, hehe). When I was getting my latest tattoo of a Spaceman surrounded by killer whales on the side of my right lower leg, we were debating on the size. I’m a self proclaimed indecisive person who just always want their professional opinions, partly because I trust them, but mostly because I just want the weight of deciding off of my shoulders. I was trying to decide between having the tattoo 5 inches or 7 inches tall. Janrod, who is part of the Wild Ones crew, had no problem telling me that bigger is always better. Mark had the same philosophy but hesitated to tell me up front because a 7 inch tattoo does look fairly large on me and ya knowww, I’m, like, really cute and shit. Point is, if you’re looking for a shop that really does care for you AND your tattoo, Wild Ones Tattoo is the place to be. 


Check out my Instagram story on my latest and biggest tattoo to catch of a glimpse of the process of getting inked at Wild Ones! 👇👇👇




Born Mark Anthony Pangalinan Rodriguez, or more famously known as “Batas”, started getting his name out there as being one of the first OG motherfuckas to rap in the country’s famous “FlipTop” Rap Battle which started way back in 2010. On FlipTop’s official Youtube page, videos that feature Mark’s battles have no less than millions of views, having the most watched video pass the 7 million mark.

But before his whirlwind success in Manila’s rap scene, Mark had another passion that he knew that he would get into when he was just a young boy. “Bata pa lang ako, alam ko nang marami magiging tattoo ko at alam ko na kaya ko siyang gawin” (Ever since I was a kid, I knew that I would have a lot of tattoos and I was sure that I could do them). Following his childhood dream, Mark started doing tattoos back in 2008 and is still kickin’ it today, creating sick ass pieces, as a residential artist in Wild Ones Tattoo.

Besides all of that, the rapper slash tattoo artist is currently in two bands. One is a hiphop band called “Illustrado” which started in 2015 and came out with their first self titled album under Uprising Records in March this year (available in Astrovision, online, and live shows). The second is a metal band, “Xeno Devata”, wherein he plays the bass, started in 2016 and is ready to release their first EP later this year. Mark is also 1/2 of the host of his own radio show called “Balian Ng Leeg” that you can catch on Jam 88.3 every Saturday, at 7-9pm.



Address: Unit-6, J32S Building, No. 35 President’s Ave., Teoville, BF homes, Parañaque

Phone: 0915 295 9505

Rates: Starts at PHP 1,500 / 2×2


Est. 2009

**Disclaimer: Wild Ones Tattoo only caters to adults 18 years old and above. Someone was clearly equipped with a very legitimate looking fake driver’s license (PS, I don’t even know how to drive). 💩 


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Author: Bianca Garcia Cruz

I’m a 5 foot, twenty-one year old former fashion student from the Philippines who currently has absolutely no idea what she’s doing with her life. But besides that, I’m a struggling vegan, triggered feminist, self-proclaimed environmentalist, Facebook social justice warrior, and everything else you find annoying.

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